The Bin Kamil Group consists of a number of companies engaged in diversified business activities in the United Arab Emirates. All the companies with the total strength of the group being around 1000 employees are managed under the Chairmanship of Mr. Ali Marzooq Bin Kamil.
Guided by the philosophy of excellence in quality and supported by a team of professionals, Bin Kamil Group has always been successful in forecasting the customer needs and surpassing their expectations. We cultivate a culture where our people recognize it is the strength of personal relationships across businesses and functions that help us continually succeed. Bin Kamil maintains a leadership position in its core business lines Real Estate, Hospitality and Education. Our vision is to be accepted as a leading business house in UAE having diversified interests.



Bin Kamil is determined to achieve its vision that we will maintain our leadership position and strategic advantage to sustain our track record of performance and growth. We will ensure that our customers are always satisfied for their confidence and commitment placed in us.


Bin Kamil will become the premier company in Real Estate and hospitality services in Sharjah and Dubai.

Services Covered

Why choose Bin Kamil

Bin Kamil Trading Co. operating under the umbrella of Bin Kamil Group commenced its Real Estate business in Sharjah over 40 years ago by setting up one of the first “shopping souk” in UAE.

The Real Estate Companies operating under Bin Kamil Group name are one of the oldest and the most reputed in the UAE, providing a broad range of properties which include showrooms, shops, offices, villas and apartment – Studio, 1 bed room, 2 bed room, 3 bed room and 4 bed room buildings administered and leased by us to meet different sections of society.


investment section


Bin Kamil Investment Co. LLC.Dubai : The company was incorporated with the objective of investing the company funds in various stocks and shares and mutual funds. Overseas investments are also considered and where feasible such investments are made for both, long term and short term.